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Cryolipolysis cavitation machine

Cryolipolysis cavitation machine

Detailed Info

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DM-B20 Cryolipolysis cavitation multifunctional beauty machine

2 pcs Cryolipolysis + 1 pcs 40Khz Cavitation + 3 pcs 1~10MHz RF

Key Technology:


1,Minus 20°C freezing vacuum sculptor with Cryolipolysis

2,40KHz strong wave cavitation

3,1-10MHz RF fat dissolve

Cryolipolysis cavitation multifunctional beauty machine


Main Function


1. Body shaping,fat dissolving,repel the cellulite.

2. Lymphatic drainage,promoting metabolism&blood circulation.

3. Decrease the excessive water and prevent the fat from accumulation.

4. Tightening skin,strengthen skin elasticity,skin lift

5. Clear belly wrinkles,especially the stretch marks.


6. Complementing the collagen,skin rejuvenation.

Technical Parameters:


Host display: 8 "TFT color touch screen

Voltage : 230V/50Hz or 110V/50Hz( according to the mark on the machine )

Power: ≤800w    

Cooling liquid: pure water

Vacuum: 650mmHg

Pump flow rate: 60L/min

Vacuum pressure: 0-100Kpa

Freezing temperature: 0°C, -10°C, -15°C

Fat exploding frequency: 35-40K  

RF frequency: 1~10MHz

Packing size:  65*59*91CM

Ambient temperature: 5 °C ~ +40 °C

Relative Humidity: ≤ 80%


Cryolipolysis cavitation multifunctional beauty machine
Cryolipolysis cavitation multifunctional beauty machine

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